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I have been teaching woodwind lessons, woodwind sectionals, and general music for over 10 years to students of all ages (4 to 60+) and from various backgrounds. ​Over the years, my students have successfully auditioned for all-state and regional bands, youth orchestras, summer music festivals and camps, scholarships, competitions, and colleges, and received high ratings at solo and ensemble in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Virginia.

I believe all students have musical potential and have the ability to achieve it. As a music educator, it is my job to recognize this potential and encourage continuous growth in a warm and supportive environment that fosters a love of music that lasts beyond the confines of our lessons or sectionals. All of my lessons and sectionals are tailored around the ability, potential, and goals of my students. More specifically, students can expect to learn the basic fundamentals of clarinet playing, as well as learn basic music theory and music history.

To hire me to teach individual lessons, group lessons, or sectionals, please contact me. Lessons can be taught in person, at a school, or at Music & Arts. Additionally, read testimonials from students, parents, and band directors. 

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